Unity Ceremonies

Candle Ceremony


  In my own ceremonies, the three candles we use represent the couple in varying stages. The two taper candles represent the two individuals and the central candle represents the unified couple. The couple light the first two candles and then go on to light the central candle. If they want, I say some wording about what the ritual represents and guide them through the lighting process. And usually once they are finished, everyone gives them a big round of applause. It is a really lovely ritual to include in your ceremony.  

Hand-Fasting CEREMONY


 For my own handfastings, I ask the couples to join both hands, by crossing their hands at the wrists. I like the idea of both hands being held to give a complete physical connection and so that couples can face each other, but equally if a couple want to hold just one hand then, that works too, and many celebrants do it this way. I have had couples who wanted to read their vows whilst their hands were tied, so it worked for them to have one hand tied and one free hand to hold the card that their vows were written on. 

Wine Ceremony


 As with all rituals they are always open to interpretation and can greatly differ between between couples who may want to add their own touches, but most wine ceremonies involve the couple sharing and taking sips from a glass of wine, to celebrate and acknowledge their future together. Although, I have seen variations of this, where couples have two glasses and swap their glasses over, I personally think the one glass variation has a stronger symbolism because it is effectively saying that the two of you are sharing all of life’s blessings and sorrows together, as characterized through sharing one glass. 

Love Letter CEREMONY


 A Love Letter and Wine Box ceremony will serve as a lasting reminder of the commitments made to one another. Heartfelt letters, encapsulating your thoughts and feelings are locked away in a wine box to be revealed several years into your marriage.  Whiskey, Scotch or Tequila can easily be switched out for the wine. 

Rose Ceremony


 To thank your mother(s) for raising you and loving you, and for letting you go... into the arms of another, you can present roses during the beginning of your ceremony.

 Bride and groom would like to gift a gift of love and appreciation to the amazing women who brought them into this world and taught them how to love deeply and selflessly – their mothers. 

Cord Braiding CEREMONY


 The cord of three strands ceremony is a great addition to a wedding ceremony. It adds a truly unique element to your ceremony that friends and family will remember. It can also serve as a substitute for the Candle Ceremony or the  Sand CeremonyThis is useful for situations where candles may not be used, or may be difficult to light. 

Tasting of 4 Elements CEREMONY


 Adapted from the Yoruba tradition, it is said to represent the promise to love your partner “for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health.” Vinegar, lemon, cayenne pepper, and honey are traditional choices used to represent the bitter, sour, hot, and, of course, sweet parts of life and a new marriage. 

Love Lock Ceremony


 There are several ways the ceremony can be done. The couple can use a pair of heart locks that they padlock together on a single chain or, the couple can use a single lock and secure it to a permanent structure. (I personally like the heart locks on a chain/ribbon can be anything you want as the couple can keep it as a memento of their wedding day).

Tequila Ceremony


 When most people hear wedding ceremony ritual, they roll their eyes.  Rituals have become overdone, boring, and sometimes awkward.

If you’re a more adventurous couple, and are looking for a fun and unique ritual for your ceremony, have I got an idea for you! And it involves tequila.  Which is always a good idea.

Lasso Ceremony


 Lasso (sometimes called, "lazo") or rope is placed around the bride and groom's shoulders (groom's shoulder's first) in the form of an "8" (the infinity symbol) - after they have exchanged their vows - to symbolize their everlasting union. This is usually done by the officiant; however, family members can also take part in this ritual. The couple wears the lasso throughout the remainder of the service.

It is sometimes made of rosary beads, white ribbon, orange flowers, fabric, silver, crystal or elaborately painted wood. It can also be placed around the couple's necks, or wrists. If you have children; they may also be included as they will be a part of the new family.

Arras Coin Ceremony


 A Coin wedding is usually a Latin tradition going back to Spanish and Roman days and is also referred to as Las arras or Las arras matrimoniales.

During the coin ceremony, or arras ceremony, the groom drops 13 coins into the bride’s hands representing her dowry and his vow to support her. By some it is thought that the thirteen coins symbolizes Jesus and the twelve apostles. By others it represents the twelve months of the year and the the couple’s honeymoon. Some people think that it represents 13 core values shared by the couple. It’s still a deeply entrenched tradition nonetheless.

Sometimes a Filipino tradition is that the ring bearer will also take down the aisle the coins in a coin purse, on a pillow or an ornate box.

Hand Ceremony


 In the hand ceremony, the couple is invited to view each other's hands as gifts

As an expression that your hearts are joined together in love – will you please face each other and hold hands, so you may feel the gift that you are to one another.   

Officiant will then read the script for this ceremony.

Jumping the broom


 “By Jumping the broom, you are honoring and respecting your ancestor’s legacy and their heritage. Jumping the broom represents the coming together of both families and the commitment that the two of you have to each other in life. It represents strength, love, togetherness, loyalty and respect, which is essential for a successful marriage.”

Plant~ Flower Ceremony


  Plant / Flower Ceremony

The unity plant ceremony symbolizes the flowing of two lives into a single stream.

This can be done with seeds, small plants, tree. It can be planted in your yard during ceremony or later. There are many ways to do this ceremony.

Sand Ceremony


 The sand ritual is such a versatile and easy ritual to include in your ceremony and because it’s full of symbolism, you won’t be able to help feeling all loved up and unified when the time comes to blend your sands. And whether you’re having a beach ceremony or not, a sand ceremony can be a great way to symbolize the love that you both have for each other.

The sand ritual fits into the same category of ritual as the candle ceremony, because in a nutshell, they both symbolize unity and togetherness. As with the candle ceremony there are three physical elements, (three candles) and with the sand ceremony there are three containers or vials. Two vials contain sand and the third will be an empty container which will hold the two sands once they are blended.

Love Potion Ceremony


 I like this ceremony. This is a neat twist on a sand blending ceremony. Instead of using sand, you would be using potions (colored water or spirits of your choice).

If you are a Star Wars fan mix your midaclorians together into this tree from Endor.

Harry Potter fans blend their essence into this stump from the Enchanted Forest.

Use different types of vessels to achieve your cool theme.

This unique ceremony is a fun way to express your life together. Not only is it entertaining for your guests, it will stay in your memories forever.

This effect is created by placing dry ice in the vessel, and when the liquid is poured into it, a cool smokey effect results.

Butterfly Ceremony


 Butterflies bring that special touch of elegance that will make your wedding day unforgettable to all who attend. You can release them individually or all at once. Some choose individual butterfly releases by guests. Each guest is given an envelope containing a butterfly with the bride and groom’s name printed on it.

You also have the option of having each of your butterflies enclosed in a beautifully decorated release box or display cage. These containers also make a unique addition to your wedding day decorations. Just imagine, as you walk down the aisle you are greeted by live, beautiful butterflies in their release cages.

Should you choose not to release your butterflies at your reception, they also make incredible living centerpieces for each table.

Dove Ceremony


 Here's a great way to add romantic elegance and symbolism to your wedding by releasing two White Doves at the end of your ceremony.

As a true symbol of Love, the White Dove chooses its mate for life, therefore they are a very fitting and final addition to any wedding. They create a magical atmosphere as they circle the skies before leaving on their new journey together.

Doves and pigeons are of the same family, and in a wedding dove release there are no doves involved at all. Even though the small dove is credited with creating striking wedding day ambiance, an actual dove is unfortunately a poor candidate for release.